Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Connection

On April 13th the Visual Connections Project offered a program for MOSH participants. MOSH is the Mobile Outreach Street Health unit of the Northend Community Health Clinic in Halifax. Each Wednesday afternoon MOSH offers programs to those experiencing homelessness and related issues. The program that we offered was a non threatening drawing program. We invited the five participants to explore a visual exquisite corps. Essentially what happens is that everyone starts a drawing, it does not matter what the subject matter is but just to draw something. After four minuets the participants passed the drawing to the next person, and either continue to work on the drawing or start a new one on the same piece of paper. This process continues until everyone has contributed to the drawing and participants receive their original drawing. Overall the session went very well and MOSH has asked us to come back in the very near future.

Below is an image from the session.