Sunday, May 07, 2006


The visual image has been with the human species for thousands of years. The cave paintings and petroglyphs found around the world, illustrated the hunt and religious or spiritual practices. Today the visual image numbers in the thousands, and are distributed through television, print media, galleries, and the Internet.

In this interconnected world the visual image has been, and is used to educate the public, promote worldviews, deceive citizens, sell products, inspire, and heal. Here in lies the focus of this learning event, recognizing both the strengths and limitations of the visual image in our daily lives.

Using the World Studio Process, a variation on the World Café. The Visual Connections Institute will examine how the visual image is changing or altering three areas of our lives

Social Change Through the Creative Visual Arts

• The Visual Arts and Creativity in the Workplace.

• Health and Well being Though the Visual Arts

In the World Café Process, dialogue (face to face communication) is how ideas are shared and cross – pollinated. In the World Studio Process the concept of dialogue is expanded on, the visual image becomes the primary vehicle for communicating ideas and concepts that matter.

Participants will be invited to visit the three different studios. In each studio, one of three different topics is explored through the creative visual arts. In each studio a creative facilitator will provide participants Once the groups have had an opportunity to examine and explore a topic, the groups will then split up and join others in the other studios. This will allow for more cross - pollination of ideas and images.